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more than just visibly clean

Highly effective cleaning technology


Eco-Steam Cleaning

Eco-Sanitise Cleaning

Ensure your workplace is safe for both you and your employees, with a revolutionary steam cleaning service that disinfects as well as sanitises surfaces and contact hotspots.

Businesses can do a lot to improve the overall health and well-being of their employees and visitors - speak to us about our single once-off cleaning service or our contract cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis.

Servi-Con will certify each site we clean and sanitise, assuring both your employees and customers that the site is safe.

Eco-Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is a gentle and highly effective solution that penetrates into the toughest and most delicate surfaces ensuring a sanitising deep clean.

Advancements in technology means that we can use steam to clean almost anything, from carpets to office blinds as well as contact hotspots like door handles and reception counters. Essentially you can use steam to clean nearly every surface in your workplace, school and home.

In fact, steam cleaning does the following:

  • Kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens lingering on surfaces;

  • Removes even the toughest mould and inhibits mould growth from recurring;

  • Clears our trapped pollutants, in soft furnishings;

  • Eliminates dust mites;

  • Removes stains, odours, grease, viruses, bacteria, mould, yeast and fungi.

Eco-Sanitise Cleaning


Let us help your clean your workplace, school or home, removing 99.99% of pathogens and microbes - giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Traditional cleaning has always been based on seeing a visibly clean environment - we offer a new method fo cleaning that kills and removes things we cannot see. Using Servi-Con’s revolutionary steam cleaning system with a Sanitised Mist which is able to settle on, in and around objects and surfaces ensuring an effective sanitising clean. 

The Eco-Sanitise Cleaning is ideally suite for:

  • Hospitals , clinics and medical centres;

  • Care facilities for the infirm and elderly;

  • Poultry farms and stockyards;

  • Gyms and recreational areas;

  • Catering kitchen, school tuck-shops, food trucks and food delivery vehicles;

  • Transport and logistics vehicles;

  • Caravans, tents and recreational vehicles;

  • Exterior contact hotspots, eg: ATMs, office park access points, centre facilities or washrooms.